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About Us – Job Creator Solutions
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Empowering The Private Sector

About Us


Founded by renowned businessmen Bernie Marcus and Herman Cain, Job Creators Solutions assists employers in educating employees about policy issues and candidate positions affecting their company, job security, wages and benefits, and their families.

Under federal election law, employers can educate their employees about issues affecting their company, jobs, wages and benefits, and candidate positions on those issues.

Big government proponents have, for years, effectively leveraged the support of labor unions and their members on these and other related issues.  Job Creators Solutions seeks to be a voice for free-enterprise.

Job Creators Solutions promotes a better informed public and electorate by:

  • Educating employers about the information they can provide to their employees
  • Providing employers with tools to communicate effectively and legally with employees


Communications Approach

The JCS program supports voter privacy and personal choice. It simply helps the employee become aware of policies that impact the vitality of the parent company and the subsequent effect on jobs, wages, benefits, and personal prosperity.