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6 Helpful Job Finding Tips


Over the years, strategies used by potential employers to identify the most suitable candidate have been gradually changing. This means that job seekers have to update their knowledge about the job market continually and know what they need to do so as to land their dream jobs. Here are a few tips to help you in job hunting.

  1. Planning is critical.

For a successful job finding process, it is necessary to develop a strategy of how you will go about the process. At this stage, you ought to put together all the resources you will need for this undertaking. This could include contacts, your credentials, and sources of information about job openings. Set the goals you want to achieve in terms of the target company and details of the job you want (for example salary and working hours). Also set a schedule for such activities like dropping your CV and contacting recruitment agents.

  1. Take some time to polish your resume.

Employers receive a large number of documents from applicants. The last thing they would want to look at is a poorly written and formatted resume, full of grammatical errors. Also, different jobs require different skills and qualifications. It is, therefore, necessary to tailor your resume to suit a particular company’s requirement, rather than to present the same resume for all applications. Keep your resume brief and to the point.

  1. put your networking skills to use.

Form a habit of meeting new people and establishing healthy relationships. There are very many platforms for doing this such as conferences, trade shows, and even during social events. You can get information and help from former colleagues, friends, relatives, club members and others in your social circle such as linkedin or facebook

  1. Research widely.

Have some knowledge about the company you are aiming to work for because this will convey a message to the employer that you have an interest in what they do. Visit their website or check out their company on youtube and find out what products or services they offer. It is also necessary to know their mission and values as this will help to determine what they are looking for in a candidate.

  1. Maintain job searching etiquette.

When you finally meet the potential employer, it pays to be polite and courteous because this creates a great lasting impression of you. Learn to address potential employers by their titles and first names. Be assertive without sounding rude.

“these is nothing worse than an interviewee assuming rapport before it has developed naturally. Don’t use buddy or talk to us like a friend until we’ve done it with you. Use sir, mam, mister etc” Rich Anthony Cisco New York

  1. Avoid interview mistakes.

Such include showing up late, talking negative things about your former employer, demonstrating poor listening skills, saying too little or too much, and failing to ask questions. It is advisable to prepare adequately and do your research to avoid such mistakes.

With the above tips in mind, job finding need not to be a tedious and stressful experience. Occasionally your application may be rejected but take that as a learning experience to improve your skills.

“we get employment applications all the time and the biggest fail we see are spelling and grammar errors. If you get those right, you are ahead of more than 50% of the applicants already. Many are qualified and have what it takes yet don’t make it to an interview with us because of this. If nothing else check your spelling and grammar it could make the difference of if you get a shot at the job or not Nikki westchester escort service

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